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In this series of 12 lectures, Zentatsu Baker Roshi is exploring the edge and the essentials of his teaching and practice. He will be looking at traditional Buddhist teachings, exploring how to enter these teachings experientially, considering new ways of understanding and applying the timeless wisdom of a worldview based on the concept of awakening. 

1. ‚Mind‘ in Buddhism?

In this lecture, Baker Roshi is exploring the concepts of ‚manas‘, ‚citta‘, and ‚vijnana‘ as three ways of engaging and evolving our experience of mind itself.

2. Enacting Original Mind

Baker Roshi is looking at three aspects of transformative practice: Cultivating stillness, (re-)scripting fundamental views and assumptions about ourselves and the world, and enactment. He is introducing the Buddhist Concept of Original Mind, and making suggestions for how to weave feeling of a ‚primary moment‘ into our lived lifes.

3. Two Tracks of Experience I

In this lecture, Baker Roshi continues to explore the concepts of what he calls (1) a cognitive-continuous track of experience, and (2) a successive-sensorial track of ‚immediacy‘. The cognitive-continuous track is how we establish our sense of identity.He notes that all Buddhist teachings assume for the practitioner to develop the skill to shift their experience into a feeling of moment-to-moment (successive) immediacy. He discusses how both these ‚tracks‘ can be present side-by-side. Also, he introduces examples for how using language in unaccustomed, creative ways can loosen the grip of sometimes fixed coginitve formations.

4. Two Tracks of Experience II

Baker Roshi continues to explore the concept of two tracks of experiencing that was introduced in the previous talk. He adds examples for how to use language in creative and non-habitual ways, so as to open new experiential spaces.

5. Forming and Reforming The Bodilimind

An introductory lecture for new and experienced practitioners. Baker Roshi works here especially with concept of four postures of zazen meditation.

6. scheduled for May 10

7. scheduled for May 17

8. scheduled for May 24

9. scheduled for May 31

10. scheduled for June 7

11. scheduled for June 14

12. scheduled for June 21

Each Sunday,
from April 5th till June 21st

14:30 – 15:00  Zazen

15:00 – 16:00  Lecture


16:30 – 17:30  Discussion, Q&A

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